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We're thrilled to be able to offer some of Montpelier's largest exhibition wall-space to emerging and established artists making exciting contemporary art in Central Vermont and beyond. Here's a sampling of who we've worked with. Interested in bringing your work? Email us.

Janet van Fleet

JANET VAN FLEET | The Long Haul (mixed media sculpture and installation)

Kate Burnim

KATE BURNIM | Tracks (recent oil on canvass, framed)

Jason Galligan Baldwin

JASON GALLIGAN BALDWIN | Recent works (collage on mixed media)

Frank Woods

FRANK WOODS | Drawing and mixed media collage.

Gowri Savoor

GOWRI SAVOOR | Pen and ink drawings.

Sam Talbot-Kelly

SAM TALBOT-KELLY | Vanitas, a discussion about art, technology, and earth's survival.

Ted Zilius

TED ZILIUS | "Waiting for a Breeze" (Mixed media, collage)

Kate Burnim

KATE BURNIM | New paintings and illustration work.

Brian Ziegler


Joshua Sevits

JOSHUA SEVITS | Invitation, painting show

John Snell

JOHN SNELL | Recent photography

Nate Vaughan

NATE VAUGHAN | Girl Sale invitation

Leah Sophrin

LEAH SOPHRIN | Wire and mixed media sculpture.

Axel Stohlberg

AXEL STOHLBERG | Works from cardboard.

Becky Parker

BECKY PARKER | Oil painting

Sam Talbot-Kelly

SAM TALBOT-KELLY | Early work, mixed media (pig skin, sports lettering, shoelace)

Dream, Intercepted
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