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The Workshop at Local 64 is a creative arts resource for offbeat classes and artsy social events in Montpelier. Nestled in the heart of our cool and cozy collaborative workspace, The Workshop is all about art-making in a relaxing and fun environment.


With rich and extensive background designing and teaching curricula for middle and high school learners, Local 64 principals are available to help educators navigate and design innovative project based learning, technology integration and community based lesson plans.


Let us help you design and plan your big marketing play. Local 64 principals have deep, hands-on experience designing outreach and customer acquisition campaigns and the assets that propel them including print, web and presentation design.


Looking for a relaxed, fun and rewarding approach to engaging large and small groups in shared creativity? The Peace Tile process, developed at Local 64, provides a framework for exploring big ideas while producing individuals works of art that can be combined into stunning murals.



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Local 64 Creative Services

43 State Street, Second Floor West

Montpelier, Vermont 05602

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